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Education begins at home

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Highly trained nursery staff

At The Old School House, our primary aim is to provide a safe, secure, educational and fun filled environment where children can engage in areas of interest and learning through play and first-hand experience, thus minimising the anxiety every parent experiences at leaving their child in another’s care.

To do this we will assess each individual child of pre-school age and plan to meet their needs in all areas of personal development, both physically and emotionally.

All play areas including, outdoor play spaces, are securely enclosed and the main nursery entrance/exit has a coded entry system. All entrance/exit doors at the Village Centre are securely locked.

Welcome to The Old School House

High quality nursery and child care facilities in Lisburn

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We provide monthly core training for all staff at The Old School House, together with the opportunity to participate in formal training courses both on and off site. To this end, we have a yearly training development plan for all staff and volunteers.

•  Full day care for 0-11 year olds

•  Breakfast clubs

•  Out of school clubs

•  Escort both to and from schools and various pre-school units

•  Holiday schemes available

We value parents’ involvement, and we work in partnership with them to promote the best interests of the children, whilst also acting in a supportive role to the child’s family.

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